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RE: [T3] Seat Belts

<x-charset iso-8859-1>JimA=> Shoulder belts only? Really? - I second this question

>Yeah, the first belts were diagonal, shoulder-onlies were stock for '66.
>do we know for sure? There are mount points on the door pillar and tunnel,
>but none at floor level on the outside.

This is very strange to me, I have a '66 Fastback that came with no
seatbelts, after much protest about this situation from the Sig. Other I got
a set of 3 pointers from a show from a slightly later model car (no
retractors).  After getting them home I was happy to find plastic screwed in
covers over all 3 mounting points. It was just a bolt in and go situation.

>Incidentally, I'll mention again that I'm looking to buy a set of
>(one-year-only) '66 belts in good condition. These are grey belts with boxy
>silver-beige plastic ends bearing small blue VW logos. (I've yet to see a
>set with plastic parts that haven't gone crumbly enough to be useless.)

>Steven Ayres

Finally!  We have just discovered ONE TINY THING that is better over here in
the humid rust belt (Southeast), While I don't remember seeing the belts you
are looking for, each swap meet we have over here is chock full of interior
plastic that needs only a little rubber dressing to look good as new.  I'll
keep an eye out as I peruse the meets coming up shortly.

'66 Fastback

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