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Re: [T3] My AC project

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello-

> In their experiments they said that hydrocarbons carried and
> mixed much better with oil so lubrication with standard dino based
> was better. They also went on to say that the pump pressures could be
> dropped  50 lbs to 75 lbs and cool down below freezing at the vent within
> a few seconds.

Well, maybe it will work, who knows.  Just to play devil's advocate for a
sec... the thing that bothers me is that if it really does work and it
really is safe, why don't OEMs use it?

> I can get my original Freon based R-12 for 3 dollars a can in Tijuana at
> local
> NAPA or AUTOZONE, they are displayed in can pyramides on the
> floor and is terribly illegal to pass it through the USA border, must be
> filled on the Mexican side.


There's a shop in So. CA I've gotten some polishing and chrome plating done
at.  They polish in CA, but plate in Mexico.  They're prices are

> This intriged me so I decided to see if I can experiment too, You can say
> I am an illegal type of guy that plays on the edge.


> That forum did mention that the Sanden compressor 5 or 6 cylinder were
> the best and did not suffer black death that is common with the cheaper
> units especially the Ford units. These type of compressors like the
> Sanden use teflon or some kind of plasitc or teflon seals and would break
> down during overheating  or slight lack of lub .

If you install a low pressure switch, you shouldn't have a problem with lack
of lubrication.  The compressor should kick off before everything leaks out.

> This would create a black
> slidge
> that would circulate inside the system, clog the filter and those problem
> prone orifice tubes. This problem is more common to Fords than any
> other system but a specialist will tell you that this is common in any
> system
> with the newer modern pumps, Sanden quality prevents this.

I see... I always knew Sanden was the best, but didn't realize what
not-the-best really does for you.  <sigh>

> I cannot install a Sanden on my bracket since it makes the pump mount low
> back of the fan shroud and out of the way. The bracket mounts on the
> exhaust head bolts and the fan shroud. If I placed even the smallest
> Sanden, I would have to  place it too far out and cause me to modify
> the air cond crank pully too, causing an additional side upper load to the
> crank
> because of the leverage.

I don't think I'm picturing this correctly... I'm thinking of the VPC-style
T3 brackets that mount the compressor on top of the fan shroud,
necessitating the moving of the aircleaner a bit.  Are these different?

> If I modified the bracket to hold the Sanden
> correctly then
> I would have to remove the oil based air filter and put something of
> filtering quality. The Sanden would be nice though. I tried  a
> San Diego company that is dedicated on installing air conditioning to
> Bugs and Karman Ghias to see if they can install an alternative pump
> to my engine without modifying the filter, they could not. Do you know of
> any
> tiny 5 to 6 piston pumps out there ?

The Sanden 507 has the same diameter but much shorter length than the 508...

> The 5 piston probably uses the same energy to turn but it is much more
> uniform using 5 smaller pistons in a rotary fashion, the one or two
> banger (Techmesh or York ) place good pressure then let go, that is
> why it is less efficient and less smooth.

5-pistons take less energy... hence the higher efficiency.  7-pistons are
even better.  Scrolls are even better still.  I've seen the specs on each,
and the single biggest jump in efficiency is from 2-piston to 5-piston.

> Since I have a old fashion piston pump , I need to enhance the rest of the
> system to comensate and even make it better to the higher pressure of
> the R-134 system. It will kind of look stock when done.
> I will let you know how it goes.


(sorry... bad pun... :-)

Take care,
Shad Laws
LN Engineering - Aircooled Precision Performance

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