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[T3] Gas Line Leaks....updated

 Several weeks ago I mentioned how my gas line was leaking in several spots. 
I had used New German FI line and after 6 months it leaks. I have used GATES 
hose and it leaks.  I had used Goodyear FI hose and it leaked. 

Several of you had said at that time that you too were having problems with 
German line and other types.  It was recommended that I get Regular GATES FI 
hose...at $6.50 a foot... to redo my Square.  That works out to about 16 feet 
(you do the math).... and I did some exploring to see what I could find.

First off, I called the AQMD in Los  Angeles to see what was done to the gas 
around a year ago.  They stopped using MTBE as an additive because of water 
table pollution.  They instead started using a Methanol darivitive.... 
stinking Alcohol.... THAT EATS GAS LINES from the inside out. Yes, they said 
it was destroying fuel systems.... but saving the Earth....Doooh

I have found a MARINE fuel line that is not effected by alcohol, is FI rated, 
working temp from -25f to 400f.... 250psi.... is FIRE rated and only costs 
$3.15 a foot.  The only thing is it is a bit thicker on the outside than a 
regular 5/16 line.... but I have redone my car front to back now without that 
being a problem.  I have also used 5/16 copper line to replace the rubber 
lines running from the engine to the tunnel.  I have used 2inch stubs of the 
new line to connect the copper to the lines coming from the tunnel.

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