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[T3] New Aircooled Engine Case from Autolinea

<x-flowed>Just finished searching the web for Autolinea, which is a subsidiary of 
Hubneer Industria Mecanica Ltda located in Curitaba Province of 
Brazil.  The link to the main page is 
http://www.hubner.com.br/ingles/assisten.htm which is the english page for 
the company.  The page for the new engine case is 
http://www.hubner.com.br/ingles/carca.htm but this doesn't give a whole lot 
of information.  There is also a seller on ebay right now 
(everything-for-sale) who has one of the new cases up for auction, 
with a buy-it-now price of $299.00.  If you follow the link off of their 
website http://www.vwparts.net which is 
http://www.vwparts.net/photos/cases/ there are some good quality photos of 
the case from many views.  As far as I can see from the photos the case is 
of good quality with clean machine work done to it.  With all of the 
benefits that everyone lists for the Type 4 case since it is pure aluminum, 
this might actually be a good alternative for those looking for a new case 
to build a stock or performance motor with.  I know that I am seriously 
considering one for my notch even though I have a perfect condition AS21 
case already.  I can't wait until Jake Raby finishes his 
inspections/testing and we can get a report on how the actual quality of 
the casting/machining is.

Greg Irick
Silverdale, WA

'65 Notchback with a Britax sliding rag top.  Plans for a 1679cc motor 
using an AS21 case and thick walled 88mm P&C's, with a Resto-Custom 
flavor.  Preps underway for installing some NOS rocker panels, lifting the 
body from the pan for a pan restoration and welding in some IRS trailing 
arm mounts onto a swingaxle rear suspension.

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