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Re: [T3] Gas Tank Troubles

On 16 Mar 2002, at 21:56, Bryan "bc" Castles wrote:

> Okay, so the tank has been totally cleaned.  New filter in place.  Get it on
> the road.  Short drives were good, had it on the freeway last night, had a
> little bump now and then at high RPMs.  Today, got it on the freeway, the
> bump turned into sputtering and missing.  Got it home, and changed the filter
> again thinking maybe some left over trash made it's way in.  A little bit of
> discoloration, but nothing major.  Anyway, on startup now it is missing right
> off.  The fuel pump is the correct model and only 6 months old according to
> the PO.  The fuel that ran out of the pump on the original disconnect was
> pretty clean so I don't believe a lot of trash got in it. 

You need to do 2 things: Buy a Bentley manual and measure the fuel 
pressure while you're driving and the engine is acting up. I think you'll find 
that the pressure is "fine" and that the problem is elsewhere, but you won't 
really know without checking. You also can't adjust the regulator without 
knowing what the pressure is now.  

Even if you see that your fuel pressure is not high enough, there are other 
things to check before you can be sure that the pump is really the culprit. 
The pumps are actually VERY reliable.   

> As a bit more of background, it did this before I cleaned the tank.  It would
> miss and act up after it was taken to open throttle for a while. Letting it
> sit for a few hours would allow it to run smooth again, starting the process
> over.  It was that way until earlier today...  not is misses from the start
> up. 

Any chance that you just have fouled plugs? Have you tried a fresh set? 
Fouled plugs will run okay when cold but will miss as they warm up. Your 
description doesn't sound quite right, but since getting clean gas to it didn't 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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