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Re: [T3] Pushbutton Dash woes.....

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Simon said:
> According to my hard copy VW Parts List and the
> VW ETKA CD-ROM parts list the push button facility
> on the Type3 dash came to an end with chassis number
> 227 000 in about the second week of August 1963.  From
> then until, I believe, 1965 models (Aug 1964) the slot for
> a set of push buttons was merely covered over by a
> rectangular painted plate with holes in it for the push-pull
> knobs.
I have never seen an original Type 3 that had the push-button dash slot with
push-pull switches.  As far as I know, and according to the parts book, the
plate and switches were a replacement piece only, for cars built before
chassis # 423 140, April 29, 1964.  This info is from the VW dealer book
"Progressive Refinements".  It does indicate this is for the twin-carb. car
so maybe this applies to German "S" models only?

I believe the dash metal was changed at chassis# 423 140.

This is identical for the Type 34 automobiles, although the chassis # may be
different as Progressive Refinements has 0 485 853(34) May 18, 1964.  I
believe the 34 indicates Type 34?

My '63 Notch (built late '62) had the plate and push/pull switches, it was a
dealer-installed fix, according to the original owners.


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