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RE: [T3] crash test on a type 3

I'll say this...  you've never heard someone say "don't buy a VW because if
you get hit head on you'll die".  But they will definitely tell you that a
Ford Pinto will explode if it is hit in the rear.  It only happened a few
times, but enough the people talked about it for 2 decades.  I think you'd
hear something about it if they were that dangerous.  The steel is much much
stronger than these aluminum foil cars people are buying today.  I have seen
how well the roof holds up in a roll-over.  Roof caves in except right above
the passenger's heads...   those crafty germans!

Bryan Castles
Arlington, TX

'64 Sunroof Beetle
'70 Bus (Ex-Westy)
'73 Square
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On Sat, 16 Mar 2002 21:50:59 +0000, SIR.LANCE . wrote:

>did VW or anyone else ever do a crash test on a type 3?
>or has anyone ever been on one themselves?
>im always in arguements with people about it, they think that since the
>engine is in the back, that any front end hit will kill me.....i dont think
>thats so, because of the way the back of the bumper is up against the front

I've always figured that having the engine in the rear and the gas
tank in front you have a default crumple zone, without the worry of
having the engine wind up in your lap.

Mark Healey
71 FI auto square
71 FI manual square

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