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RE: [T3] Shock woes...

>I went to replace the shocks on my Squareback today,
>and found a terrible sight. Both the front shocks have
>disintegrsted onto the lower shock mounts.

I ran into this same problem (I'm assuming you are meaning that the bushing
on the lower shock is fused to the stud)  Don't bother with heat, 3 days
straight of PB Blaster doesn't touch it and please don't bang on it, it
would suck big ones to have that stud come loose.  Get your handy dandy
Dremel with a carbon cutoff wheel (if you don't have a Dremel (or type) tool
then you can't work on an old car :) and cut a split in the bushing in both
sides, be careful not to cut into the stud, then with a cold chisel you can
spread it open till it will just come off.

Believe me I struggled for a couple of days with this till I saw the light,
and then had both of them off in about 15 minutes.

>the right top bolt seems to have been replaced with an oversize unit,
>that seems to have damaged the threads, it does snug
>up. However that bolt wont go thru the new shock!!
>What do I do? Can I dap and die the bolt on top? Do I
>need a new front end? AARRGGGHH!!!Help, Ken

I don't think you need a new front end but you may need to either bore out
the shock a little (depending on how much bigger, I'm not sure how good of
an idea this is) or maybe even get a save-a-thread or helicoil to make the
proper bolt go back in (I don't know how well this one will work
either...someone else??)

Good Luck,
'66 Fastback

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