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[T3] "Aircraft Remover"

<x-rich><bold><fontfamily><param>Geneva</param><bigger>> list@hvwc.net writes:

</bigger></fontfamily></bold><fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>> I
called English Color 

> and was told that

> they had a similar product called "Aircraft Remover" or something
like that.

<bigger>Hi Don,

OOoooo... "Aircraft Remover"

GOOOOOD stuff!

If you had to use 4 coats, then it was applied to thin.  Don't "paint"
it on like you would house paint. I usually use the can and try to drip
it on (you can't make too small of a drop with this stuff, it's VERY
thick) no brush except to fill in the areas i missed.  

And then I don't stroke it, but dab it like you were trying to
textureize it. and you won't spread it to thin.

then go to lunch, an hour later multiple layers are gone.

One thing I have noticed...  Most times it will strip multiple paint
jobs, and multiple primer jobs, but the original VW primer will STILL
try to hang on!

If it wants to hang on THAT much... I let it!  I get everything else
off rinse it, sand it and re-primer.

I wonder what it is with VW's original primer that makes it hold that
much better than more recent primers?



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