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RE: [T3] welding and UN-welding

Wow! Look at all of the welders on the list!

I think everything has been covered. Get gas, yes! Harbor Freight, bad!
(they do have that Hobart, but I'd stay away from them, if you can avoid
it). Why don't you look at your local welding supply? I've found that they
have some decent prices, plus they know how to answer your questions.
Welding supply shops are cool to hang out at too.

I personally bought a Lincoln (not sure what the model number is) 110v MiG
(mig, MIG, MiG, mIG, miG?) welder. It works well. I've had absolutely no
problems. I had to purchase the gas "kit" to add argon, CO2. You will also
have to buy a gas bottle. It will be a big hit the first time, but then
after that, they fill yours or try to swap with a pre-filled bottle (at the
weld shop or gas store).

Everything together is spendy. I think my welder at Home Depot was on sale
for $297, the "kit" (gauge and line and some other stuff I've never used)
was $99, the tank was about $40 (I think, there are different sizes, I ended
up trading the tank for the next larger size later) and the initial gas
($20). I also ended up buying a second tank. I can have one as a mix (75%
argon, 25% CO2, I think?) and an 100% argon tank. One I use for mild steel
(the mix) and the other works better for stainless.

A good friend of mine has a Hobart. They are stellar. Can't go wrong with
Lincoln, Miller or Hobart. All said, I wish I would have spent the extra
bucks and purchased the 220v model. You can weld thicker material, and it
seems to be a little better for welds too.

Anyway, I just wire wheeled, sand blasted, and scraped half of a Type 3 pan.
I noticed that the front and back of one of the seat mounts was broken.
Pulled the welder over, and voila, it was fixed. Welding rocks!

After you get a welder, you'll want a good grinder too. They go hand in
hand. I have a 4" Makita that I really like. Again, don't get any of the
stuff that Harbor sells, I think their brand is Chicago. Their power tools
are junk! Makita, Skil(l?), Bosch (ya, tools too!), Milwalkee, Sears (the
name brands usually make their stuff).

*whew* too much coffee.



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