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RE: [T3] My new Pressure Plate is different

On 15 Mar 2002, at 14:23, CAD Man wrote:

> Hi All,  I'm doing a minor rebuild (seals mostly) on my stock, 6v 1600 SP
> engine, I decided to go ahead and replace the clutch/pressureplate/throwout
> bearing, while I have it out.  My question is, the pressure plate I took out
> has the "4 springs" on it and the one I was handed at the store has the
> fingers, The box indicates it's for an early engine (the throwout bearing
> appears the same).
> Is this ok, I was told that this design replaced the other one.  If this is
> correct I'm happy to go ahead and use it, please let me know.

I think the original clutch on your car should have had 9 springs, so I'm not 
sure what you had. I thought all the early pressure plates had the 3 arms and 
3-fold symmetry, which makes it hard to come up with 4 springs.

The early coil spring pressure plates were replaced by the diaphram type 
which is probably what you have now. These are actually better than the 
early style. It is right as long as it fits (is the right diameter) and has the 
center ring facing the throwout bearing.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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