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RE: [T3] welding and UN-welding

Hi Jake,

Thanks for the narrative!

>Definitely go for one
>with the "infinitely" adjustable wire feed and voltage settings.  Why do the
>knobs stop turning if they're so infinite, though?

Good point!  ;)

>Same process, just on
>a roll, not <Sr. Fuentes> on a stick.</Sr. Fuentes>


On Welder Machines:

Harbor Freight - Hobart Handlers - good
Harbor Freight - Chicago Electric - bad
Lincoln - good
Century - good
craftsman - good (BTW, do they warrantee welders like they do tools?)

Infinitely adjustable (AMPs?)  - very good
(I am assuming) wire width adjustable - good

Gas - good, but...  (now I'm just theorizing, please correct me if my thought process is going off track...) 

if you're going to have to grind down the weld after you're finished and then smooth the grinds with spot putty, then primer and paint to make the body sheet metal smooth, do you really care that the weld looks pretty wen you're finished welding? 

I can understand if you were going to weld then leave it exposed and not grind it, then that would be good.  however at that point you're supposed to put sealer putty on the seam to protect it, right?

So we're still covering it.

Does the gas improve the strength of the weld?

I think I'm going shopping Tomorrow...

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