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RE: [T3] throttle return springs...

<x-charset iso-8859-1>If you have one good one, take it to your FLAPS
and look behind the counter for something similar.

The originals have about 3-4 inches of spring shape,
and about the same straight wire.  The straight wire
section helps it clear the throttle linkages, but it 
will still work with a long spring. It won't hurt to 
have a too strong spring, it'll just make your foot 
work harder. Even a shorter spring that attaches to 
some funky location.

After a long time with one funky spring, I found a
decent match at a FLAPS.

Until I clear out the garage, uncover and shove my 
Sqbk in there, I can't just measure the springs.

Anything close in size will work, don't worry about
it too much.  Run through the throttle travel and
be sure the springs don't rub anything important,
and keep them away from the idle cutoff solenoid

Jeff '67 Sqbk

-----Original Message-----
Where can i get some replacement linkage springs for the stock carbs?  
The springs hook onto the linkage and the other end hooks to teh cooling 
tin...   what size are these springs supposed to be?

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