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Re: [T3] put dat sucka in...

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Be sure to break in the engine properly.  Amongs this to remember:
1.    Crank the engine for about a minute or two with the coil wire OFF in
order to build oil pressure in the engine.  Make sure you adjust the valves,
set the timing, check the dwell, etc. before you give the engine the intial
crank.  Be sure to give the trans shaft and the Gland Nut a good finger-full
of grease.  Make certain your clutch is ligned up with an alignment tool,
and if you're using a new clutch or pressure plate, make sure it slides
comfortably on the shaft of the tranny before installing the engine (yes
that means taking it back off the flywheel to 'test fit it' back onto the

Break - In:
2.    The first time you start the engine, immediately rev it up to 3,000
RPMS for at least 3-5 minutes, then shut the car off, drain the oil and let
it cool overnight.
3.    The next day, put in fresh oil, check the valve adjustment (and
readjust if necessary), then crank it again up to 3,000 RPMs for at least
another 3 to 5 minutes. You've effectively hardened the lifters against the
cam (which is necessary if you have a new cam or lifters or both).  Some
people prefer longer break-ins.

I'm sure the rest of the group will have some good advice on this topic.

68 Notch (Nadine)

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> Ok, getting close...
>     The engine is just about ready to go in the car.  (67 1600cc, dp, dual
> carb, stock) everythings been installed except the spark plugs...  Ive
> what Bentley and Haynes have to say about reinstalling, but is there
> else i should do before the engine goes in?  Keep it straight, dont damage
> the trans input shaft, dont jam the carbs on the way in.  Im just trying
> make sure i dont get too excited and forget anything.
>     Also,  when i crank it for the first time, with no spark plugs and
> no oil pressure switch, would it be fine if i leave the stock air cleaner
> off?  I would imagine so, and it is easier to get to the oil pressure
> without the air cleaner in the way.
>     Before the engine does go in, i do need to get a new battery and make
> sure the starter whirrs when i turn the key.  and soon, ill have to find a
> replacement for the horrible rusted stinger exhaust.
> *Jerrod*
> cant wait to drive it cant wait to drive it cant wait to drive it
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