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RE: [T3] Type3 Tow Bar

I agree about the trailer. If you got one that is a
very usefull tool, However when you do not have a
running eng in the vehicle, access to a tow truck, or
the patience to drive any distance with a tow strap
then this may be considered. The stress on the body
where the bumper mounts mount to is very strong. On my
fasty there is no rust and has never been damaged in
that area plus if there is no extra weight in the car
so this setup was fine. So this message was
intentionally directed toward those who have a good
front end and of course as all suggestions go should
be considered by the individual if this suits his/her
purpose. I should have made that clear. My appologies.
If anyone feels this is unsafe or anything like that
then that is their own choice. So anyway I made it
home in one piece and it would have worked better if I
used the iron brakets and not the stockies. No hard
feeings everybody.

--- "Erkson, Toby" <toby.erkson@intel.com> wrote:
> Two things:
> First, please edit replies.  Don't include the whole
> thread, just necessary
> info.
> Second, the towing package should be mounted to the
> front axle/torsion
> housing and NOT the bumper!

Erick the daddy
68 fasty

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