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RE:[T3] Type3 Tow Bar

Ola Guys this is you old friend Erick again, I have
been watching but not replying for a while but I am
still here. Anyway the only thing I could figure out
on making a tow bar for my t3 was taking a super
beetle towbar and making an adapter plae that bolts to
the front bumper mounts. I used 1/4 in sheets of scrap
iron I found at the local mill. It needs about 8
inches on either side to mount to the bumper mounts.
This really works! Just make sure your mounts are
strong and speaking form experience make new "L"
shaped bumper mounts out of some heavy guage steel or
iron because the mounts are not strong enough to hold
if you have an emergency like stopping really fast or
swerving at an unexpected moment. Lastly if you do
this make sure you bungee the steering wheel in its
straight 12 o'clock position. This will help get the
car straight after a turn. I did not do this and my
bumper mounts litterally tore off!!! Later guys and I
will keep watchin. I will have more pics for y'all on
webshots.com later this evening. Seeyahh

--- Sean Hogston <sean@hogston.com> wrote:
> Bob,
> Last night i was looking through the JC Whitney
> catalog and saw a tow bar next
> to the one for the beetle. It is 2 pieces, 1 flat
> piece that bolts to the car
> and the other piece clips to it. It was listed as
> universal, but we all know how
> that goes. I think that is going to be my best
> shot.....
> Thanks
> Sean
> BOB2TYPE3S@aol.com said:
> >  Sean, there are no type3 specific tow bars out
> there. If you look in the 
> > type3.org archives you will find that this has
> been discussed before and 
> > might give you some ideas of what to try.  I made
> an adapter plate that bolts
> > on to my front beam, that uses a standard beetle
> tow bar. If I had to do it 
> > over I would have modified a super beetle tow bar.
> I hope this helps you
> out.
> > Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
> > P.S.  I'm still waiting for mud season to end
> here.
> > 
> >
> > Too much? Digest!
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> >

Erick the daddy
68 fasty

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