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Re: welding and UN-welding

on 14/3/02 4:51 PM, Big Al at Big.Al@hvwc.net wrote:

> Anyone who has a MIG welder care to tell me what range or power I should be
> looking for with the intent that it will be used for sheet metal and knowing
> that I ALSO have a 60-100AMP ARC welder?  (I'm assuming that since I will have
> both ARC and MIG that I won't need as high output of a MIG welder than if I
> was buying a MIG welder to do the job of sheet metal and thicker stock. Is
> this a correct assumption?)
Whatever brand or size of welder you want to go with, you want to make sure
that it is not one of those little ones that keep overheating every five
minutes and cutting out. My one is like that, and it is annoying. As soon as
you get going it stops, and you have to let it cool. Also, one of the ones
where you can just unscrew the terminals and swap the polarity are good
because you can do both gas and gasless welding.
If you get a decent MIG, I am sorry to say you won't have a lot of use for
your arc welder as most of the MIG's are very versatile. But of course you
can never have too many tools! ;-)

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo


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