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Re: [T3] Update: HELP! Tie Rod Ends

Well, I checked with AutoZone (local FLAPS) and they listed a Left Inner Tie 
Rod End for a 66 Square.  Cool.  I even checked to make sure it was a unique 
part number from the Beetle since they weren't listed by the VW part numbers. 
 I had them special ordered one.  Turns out I should have had them check the 
listing for the late T3.  It was a 311 415 818B.  Had the proper angle, but 
the wrong size taper.  Was this a mid-year change to the 66s?  Just curious.  
Looks like the Late T3 owners are in luck.

I replaced all of the other tie rod ends and took the old right outer end 
which is straight and put it in there just to check.  With the fully extended 
suspension since it is on jack stands, there is no binding of the tie rod end 
and no interference at full lock in either direction.  This suspension travel 
limit should be the worse case.  I am sure the angle of the tie rod end would 
not be ideal, otherwise VW would not have put the angle on the part in the 
first place.  I suspect that the straight tie rod end would be a suitable 
replacement for the left inner tie rod end.

I am still tracking down one possible source for the correct part, but will 
use the straight tie rod end if it does not pan out.  I may be giving up a 
bit of part lifetime, butthe first one lasted 95,000 miles.  Even at 50% 
reduction, it will last me many years.

I will let the List know if I am able to track down the correct part or not.

John Jaranson
'71 FI Auto Fasty (Jane)
'66 Squareback (???)
About Half A Late Square (Organ Donor)

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