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RE: [T3] welding and UN-welding

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>Found an automotive paint supply store that had a 3/8" rotary spot weld
cutter!  It's like a
>drill bit with a spring-loaded centering spike (holds you in place) and an
outer saw ring very
>similar to a wood hole cutter (like the tool you use to cut a door to add a
deadbolt or door
>handle, but only 3/8" wide).  It set me back $10.13 including sales tax.
($9.36 before tax)

Good work!  You just saved yourself 2 days shipping from Eastwood.  It's a
baby hole saw.  They do work great, too.  Still worth it to get Eastwood's
catalog, they have so much cool junk.

>(I'm assuming that since I will have both ARC and MIG that I won't need as
high output of a MIG >welder than if I was buying a MIG welder to do the job
of sheet metal and thicker stock. Is this >a correct assumption?)

I would think so.  Most affordable (at least by me) MIG welders allegedly
handle up to 1/4 inch.  I've welded 3/16 with no problems with mine.  It's a
Craftsman, and I've been really happy with it so far.  Definitely go for one
with the "infinitely" adjustable wire feed and voltage settings.  Why do the
knobs stop turning if they're so infinite, though?

>And I was shoping and found reference to Gas and Gas-less MIG welders  Any
comments on these? Do >I need Gas?

I've never had opportunity or nerve to try the gasless, (mine will do it),
but from what I understand, it's like the arc welder.  Same process, just on
a roll, not <Sr. Fuentes> on a stick.</Sr. Fuentes>

>What does the gas do for the welding?

The gas protects the weld from oxygen and other contaminants.  Stick welding
does the same, the coating on the rods actually melts over the top of the
weld and has to be chipped off - hence, the chipping hammer.  Oxygen good
for welders, bad for welds.

Some advice on the welders offered by Harbor Freight - the Hobart Handlers
are excellent machines.  A buddy of mine in Ohio rebuilt his class 9
off-road race car monthly with it.  Solid machine, good adjustability.  The
chevy / street rod magazines were pushing the Century MIG welders a couple
of years ago, as was Eastwood.  I'm not sure if that means they are a good
value or not.  Chicago Electric machines offered by Harbor Freight - 2
words - RUN AWAY!!!!!  When I was in LA in the Navy, I drove to the Harbor
Freight headquarters and bought one of them.  Worst money I ever spent, even
to this day.  Cheezy 4-position heat selector should have been labelled:

Forget welding
Stick wire to metal
Blow holes in sheet metal
Barely weld 3/16 inch steel

instead of 1,2,3,4.  Horrible experience all around.  Home depot may have
Lincoln or Century welders.  I know I've seen Century's locally, and HD had
Lincolns at our store.

Jake Kooser

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