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Re: [T3] Transmissions the same as type 1

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello-

> Hello all,
>  My brothers 71 fastback has no reverse. I am picking up a 71 parts ghia
> with a good transmission. I am under the impression that the transmissions
> are the same . Am I correct? Is the nose cone different?

-front mount.  Just swap - no big deal
-rear mount.  Obviously, the T3 doesn't have one :-).  There are some neat
little aluminum plugs in a T3 tranny that plug the four 8mm holes for the
bolts... take them off the junker and put them on the Ghia tranny to plug
them up.
-hockey stick.  The T3 has a dimple for the shifting coupling set screw on
the bottom of the hockey stick.  The T1 has it on the top.  If you don't
realize this before you install the engine and tranny, you'll have to pull
some big tricks with everything installed in the car.  Don't ask how I know
:-).  Either swap the hockey sticks or make another dimple on the T1 part.
*Some* rebuilt trannies are equipped with "universal" hockey sticks with two
dimples.  If you have one, then make sure the dimples are 180 degrees apart.
Again, don't ask how I learned to check for this, either!

I think that's about it...

Take care,
Shad Laws
LN Engineering - Aircooled Precision Performance

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