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Re: [T3] '72 square, customization ?'s

On 13 Mar 2002, at 11:20, Drake . wrote:

> 1. Lowering... is a stance like this 
> http://thesamba.com/vw/htmlscript/gallery.mv?photo+21506.jpg possible with the
> stock front beam? Either by adjusting the torsion bars, or ustilizing dropped
> spindles or a combination of both? I am mainly concerned about the tire to
> fender clearence while turning the wheels.

AFAIK, there are no dropped spindles for type 3s, although there is always 
talk of the possibility. The torsion bar can be misadjusted. Whatever you do 
will reduce tire clearance somewhat, but with small tires you should have 
less problem. Why not go with just the smaller tires (on necessarily narrower 

> 3. I would also like to stiffen up the ride a little. Especially since I 
> will be taking some of that out if it gets lowered. What do you guys 
> recommend to accomplish this? i.e. coil overs? gas shocks?

Misadjusting the torsion bars, alone, will stiffen the suspension. This is 
because the trailing arms will no longer be "horizontal." To understand this 
think about the extreme case where the trailing arms were vertical; suddenly 
there would be no more compliance in the suspension, regardless of the 
spring constants.

> 4. Can anyone recommend a good on-line resource for customization of this 
> type.

There are lots of folks here who have done it and my guess is that you won't 
find any better database on type 3s anywhere. I've made my view on this 
pretty clear in the past, however. I'm against it.

> Wanna get all the information I can on this type of thing before I actually
> start doing it.

That's certainly the right idea.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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