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[T3] '72 square, customization ?'s

<x-flowed>Hey all I have some questions on the customization of a 72 square. I have 
been building this picture in my head of what I want to get the thing to 
look like. Now I have the complete picture and I am wondering if its 
possible to achieve....without spending a truckload of money that is :)

Beige (current color) lowered some, stock type chrome wheels/hubcaps, roof 
rack, mud flaps, all black interior. Not too sure of tire size yet, thinking 
145's in the front though, perhaps in the rear as well. I want pretty much a 
"flat" stance with the same size (or close to it) tires in front as in the 

I am aware of the various issues with lowering and changing tire size, front 
end geometry, effective gearing change with smaller/larger tires etc. Is 
there anything special for a 72' square?

1. Lowering... is a stance like this 
http://thesamba.com/vw/htmlscript/gallery.mv?photo+21506.jpg possible with 
the stock front beam? Either by adjusting the torsion bars, or ustilizing 
dropped spindles or a combination of both? I am mainly concerned about the 
tire to fender clearence while turning the wheels.

2. Mud flaps... I have seen some NOS ones for sale on thesamba. I am not 
necessarily interested in having all parts NOS or OEM and correct. Will the 
mud flaps that you can buy from the various after-market suppliers fit on a 
square? I am talking about the ones that come with an "L" shaped braket for 

3. I would also like to stiffen up the ride a little. Especially since I 
will be taking some of that out if it gets lowered. What do you guys 
recommend to accomplish this? i.e. coil overs? gas shocks?

4. Can anyone recommend a good on-line resource for customization of this 

Wanna get all the information I can on this type of thing before I actually 
start doing it.

Drake Lawson
San Jose, Ca.

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