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Re: [T3] Turn signal switch - lots of questions.

On 13 Mar 2002, at 0:12, Mike Wodkowski wrote:

> on 3/12/02 10:39 AM, Jim Adney at jadney@vwtype3.org wrote:
> > So your protrusions are still intact, ie there are places to hook the spring?
> The protrusions: they're worn, its hard to tell. They look like they were
> once little vertical hooks. One is in quite good shape. The other is sloped, but
> I think it could be modified or built up on a cold or rainy and otherwise
> useless "car day" to work.

Sounds like one is good and the other is broken off, which is the usual thing 
to find. I doubt if you could build up the broken one and make it last; I just 
don't think you'll get any kind of epoxy to stick to the nylon.

> > It's small and I think you have it. You called it the cancelling cam a couple
> > of paragraphs above.
> OK I have it. I'm still not clear on the action of the spring on the upper
> and lower nylon pieces and their function. The cancelling cam doesn't move
> them up and down, the lever does. And the steering wheel blade pulls down
> the cam, and with it the whole works. The spring clearly holds the nylon
> pieces in their grooves better, but I dont see any function to them. (I'm
> not doubting there was one).

Yeah, I don't remember either, but it's much more clear once you see a 
working one in action. I think it also changes the whole "feel" of the TS lever.

> Ahh forget it. I must be boring the daylights out of you. Maybe I have a
> little spring I can just put in place to see what happens to it, just to
> watch the action. I wouldnt put the wrong part in there, even temporarily.
> Maybe those nylon pieces are just glides of a sort. In my car, they're UNDER a
> metal plate, not like in Bentley.

Hey, I must be bored already, or I wouldn't spend all this time thinking about 
30 year old cars....  ;-)

Under a metal plate is the norm. 

> > I don't think being chewed up will hurt it, as long as it can still push
> > against 
> > the little protruding nylon piece (cancelling cam.) It makes me wonder what
> > caused it to get chewed up, however.

> You and me both. It's really mangled.

The usual think is either one of the horn contact leaves breaks off, or 
someone drops something down the crack between the wheel and the 
steering column. This gets jammed in the works and breaks off at least one 
of the fingers. The spring gets loose and gets caught in other parts....

Did you take the TS switch and wiper switch both all the way out? If so, did 
you find the remains of any other parts down under there?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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