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Re: [T3] 72 square, FI behavior ?'s

On 12 Mar 2002, at 9:47, Drake . wrote:

> Well I have just completed a 400 mile round trip with the new motor, in the 
> old girl. Things went great 75 all the way up I-5. I just estimated gas 
> milage and got somwhere around 32 mpg (160 miles, 1/2 tank)

That's too high for US gallons, so I suspect that you were just using your gas 
gauge to estimate the gas usage. You're probably off by a gallon. I would 
expect an average between 20 and 25 mpg.

> 1. After I removed the extra resistors from the head temp, I cant get the 
> idle above something like 800 (haven't checked exact RPM's with the tach 
> yet) but it sounds just a little slower than the previous idle with the 
> resistors installed. I unscrewed the idle setting screw past the point where 
> the idle didnt go any higher, adn then screwed it back in until the idle 
> dropped a touch. I then backed it out slowly again until it reached the 
> highest point, and tightened the locknut. I would think that I should be 
> able to get the idle higher than this, shouldnt I?

Yes, it should easily adjust above 1000 rpm, so there is still something 
wrong. Make the other checks you mentioned: fuel pressure and PS 

> 2.While sitting in the driveway, engine at idle. I open the throttle with my 
> hand, just a crack. The engine will accelerate, then drop back to idle. Open 
> a little more same thing, little more same thing. This happens until I get 
> the throttle something like 1/3 open perhaps a little more than that. Is 
> this a normal behavior with the FI?

This is normal on the 70-3 FI. If you disconnect the throttle valve switch 
connector it should go away. I've never noticed it while actually driving.

> 3. One other thing is that the car will buck a little at low speeds. 
> Basically if you dont accelerate semi-hard from a stop then it will buck.

Hmmm.... Might be any number of things. You might want to check for 
excessive backlash in the CV joints.

> Other than those things the car seems to be runing pretty well, accelerates 
> well...for a heavy car with a stock 1600 that is. She cruises beautifully 
> though.

Nice goin' !     ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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