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Re: [T3] My AC project

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Shad,

I have installed some home made air in some old trucks 
and just want to see what happens if efficiency is raised
a bit with an old type pump.

I have been to those air conditioning forums on the internet 
and hear about all of their experimentation of illegal freon
substitures. I also argued the point that hydrocarbons based
refrigereants were as explosive as the gas in a cigarette lighter 
or the butane  bottle in my  kitchen or the propane tank in my 
garage. I have all three in all three locations. Then they asked me 
how many time has any of these exploded with a causual spark 
or intentional spark. It has a very narrow air ratio to ignite. R-134
has a ignition point also not truely inflammable. 

In their experiments they said that hydrocarbons carried and 
mixed much better with oil so lubrication with standard dino based
was better. They also went on to say that the pump pressures could be 
dropped  50 lbs to 75 lbs and cool down below freezing at the vent within
a few seconds.

I can get my original Freon based R-12 for 3 dollars a can in Tijuana at my
NAPA or AUTOZONE, they are displayed in can pyramides on the 
floor and is terribly illegal to pass it through the USA border, must be 
filled on the Mexican side. The non Flouro alternative  is just for
experimenting or ???

This intriged me so I decided to see if I can experiment too, You can say 
I am an illegal type of guy that plays on the edge.

They did mention high density parallel flat tube condensers and copper pipes

that will disipate the heat and further require less compression since the 
condenser and the long copper pipes disipate heat and help liquify the 

That forum did mention that the Sanden compressor 5 or 6 cylinder were
the best and did not suffer black death that is common with the cheaper 
units especially the Ford units. These type of compressors like the 
Sanden use teflon or some kind of plasitc or teflon seals and would break 
down during overheating  or slight lack of lub . This would create a black
that would circulate inside the system, clog the filter and those problem 
prone orifice tubes. This problem is more common to Fords than any
other system but a specialist will tell you that this is common in any
with the newer modern pumps, Sanden quality prevents this.

I cannot install a Sanden on my bracket since it makes the pump mount low in

back of the fan shroud and out of the way. The bracket mounts on the 
exhaust head bolts and the fan shroud. If I placed even the smallest
Sanden, I would have to  place it too far out and cause me to modify
the air cond crank pully too, causing an additional side upper load to the
because of the leverage. If I modified the bracket to hold the Sanden
correctly then 
I would have to remove the oil based air filter and put something of lesser
filtering quality. The Sanden would be nice though. I tried  a 
San Diego company that is dedicated on installing air conditioning to 
Bugs and Karman Ghias to see if they can install an alternative pump 
to my engine without modifying the filter, they could not. Do you know of
tiny 5 to 6 piston pumps out there ?

The 5 piston probably uses the same energy to turn but it is much more
uniform using 5 smaller pistons in a rotary fashion, the one or two 
banger (Techmesh or York ) place good pressure then let go, that is
why it is less efficient and less smooth.

Since I have a old fashion piston pump , I need to enhance the rest of the 
system to comensate and even make it better to the higher pressure of
the R-134 system. It will kind of look stock when done.

I will let you know how it goes.





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