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Re: [T3] Full Flow Oil Pump Plate

On 11 Mar 2002, at 23:47, Justin C. Earl wrote:

> The Bug Stop has a steel full flow oil pump cover for $17.99 and the oil
> filter mount for $9.99.  I was thinking of using these and have a local
> hydraulic line/heavy equipment place make me some custom high pressure lines
> for it. 

> My question is what is the different between this $17.99 cover and $9.99
> mount and the high dollar Gene Berg set up specifically for Type 3?  Will Bug
> Stop's stuff work? It sounds like I have to cut the motor mount bar no matter
> which way I go.... so is the Berg set up really worth the extra money? 

I doubt if there's any difference between the covers, except that Berg adds a 
pre modified fitting to the cover at a particular angle to give you a good head 
start. I hope you're not confusing a Bug Stop cover price with the complete 
Berg kit price. Berg also offers a pressure relief cover that is a better choice 
if you will be driving in cold weather.

Yes, you have to modify the rear crossbar either way. I sell a drawing that 
shows exactly where to cut to do this. You don't want to cut away any more 
material than absolutely necessary.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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