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Re: [T3] Turn signal switch - lots of questions.

On 12 Mar 2002, at 2:51, Mike Wodkowski wrote:

> on 3/11/02 1:03 PM, Jim Adney at jadney@vwtype3.org wrote:

> > I have extra springs, but not extra nylon pieces.

> I'd be interested in getting a spring.

So your protrusions are still intact, ie there are places to hook the spring?

> Here's how it appears to me: On my signal, theres the big bakelite piece on the
> right. The lever moves the bakelite piece up or down. The cancelling cam rides
> on the right side of this bakelite piece, and as it rides, it moves left
> (extended). It appears to me that the "cancelling" would have to be caused by
> the protrusion on the steering wheel catching the cancelling cam, thus pushing
> it and the whole lever back down. As the lever moves down, the cancelling cam
> retracts once the lever has reached the off position.
> Here's where I'm confused: the nylon pieces that are held together by a
> spring fit into grooves in the bakelite piece. So the the lever moves the
> bakelite piece, the nylon pieces move with it. So what purpose the spring?
> What purpose the nylon pieces?
> > The cancelling cam pushes a center nylon piece either up or down, causing it
> > to push one of the nylon pieces with the protrusions up or down. This catches
> > the TS lever and pulls it back into position.
> AHA! I clearly don't have this center nylon piece. Is it big? What's it look
> like?

It's small and I think you have it. You called it the cancelling cam a couple of 
paragraphs above. It's just the little piece that moves toward the center so 
that the "blade" on the wheel can catch it.

> > As long as your wheel has the little blade that reaches into the TS switch to
> > trip the canceling pawl, it should be fine.
> The little blade is there but it looks like someones dog has gnawed on it.
> It's really chewed up. TOO chewed up. Although I can't imagine something
> couldn't be faked here.

I don't think being chewed up will hurt it, as long as it can still push against 
the little protruding nylon piece (cancelling cam.) It makes me wonder what 
caused it to get chewed up, however.

> What I wouldn't give for a diagram of this mechanism. Actually, if I can get the
> dimmer relay working tomorrow, everything should be in pretty good working
> order. I may have to draw the diagram myself. I'd love to see a complete working
> one in action though.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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