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Re: [T3] One thing after another

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From: "Simon Glen" <simonglen@bigpond.com>
> The other aspect of this is that to bring our cherished
> vehicle up to scratch as he suggests will for most of us
> cost a lot of money, especially paying for experts to do
> really thorough rebuilds and repairs on our car.  Yet,
> when all this money is added up we could have instead
> bought a brand new Hyundai with front and rear spoilers,
> 20-inch mag wheels and 50 stacker CD etc, etc..  However,
> in the end we who persisted with our ancient VWs will
> have a lovely honest practical car worth using and cherishing
> for many more years to come until long after the Hyundai
> has gone to recyclers.

I was curious to see how it compares costwise to own a type 3 compared to a
cheap modern hatch like a hyundai. here is the comparison in australian
dollars. aus$2=us$1.

(3 door hatch, no a/c, no power steering, 5 speed manual trans)
Hyundai new 1997                                     13990
Hyundai value 2002                                     5500

Hyundai depreciation P/A                          1700
Hyundai servicing and tyre P/A                   500
Capital cost P/A (assume 8%x13990)     1120

Total cost per annum                                  3320
(not including fuel, insurance and registration)

(2 door sedan/wagon, no a/c, no power steering, 4 speed manual trans)

Purchase price 1997                                  3200
Allowance for immediate expenditure      2000
Total initial outlay                                         5200
Value 2002                                                   4000

VW depreciation P/A                                    240
VW servicing and resto P/A                       2000
Capital cost P/A (assume 8%x5200)          416

Total cost per annum                                   2656
(not including fuel, insurance and registration)

I have allowed $2000 to be spent on the vw immediately at purchase to fix
any problems and $2000 for each year of ownership (including the first)

I have been conservative in the resale  of the vw also, because it would
take longer to sell than the hyundai if you want top dollar.

you could spend more on servicing and restoring the vw up to ($2664 P/A) and
still be less than or equal to the total cost for the hyundai. I think it
would be a pretty good car after spending this much over 5 years.

Basically, all this proves is that you should not be selling your old vw
because it costs too much to run-it is in fact cheaper overall than most
modern cars if you know how to look after it.

andrew davidson
melbourne, australia

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