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RE: [T3] Alternator Output and then some...and some more

On 11 Mar 2002, at 8:34, jason.smith@sarcom.com wrote:

> >It may be that the excess current caused a problem with the FI relay. Which
> >relay was it?

> The radio was connected to both of them!!!!  The direct power from the
> battery came from the relay under the back seat and then the ones from the
> radio unit where connected to the  relay under the dash.

Either one of these could have caused a problem. You might want to put a 
voltmeter on the output of each of these in turn just to make sure that 
everything is getting thru.

> > The other thing to check is a bit of dirt that is getting caught in the FI
> > trigger points. If the dirt holds even one of the points open, the engine
> > stops. 

> I knew this was coming and have suspected this for sometime.  However, the
> last time I took out the Distributor, I put it in wrong and it jumped/moved
> splines inside and that cost quite a bit to have corrected. 

While it is possible to put the distributor drive gear in any number of ways, 
the distributor itself goes in only one way. The only thing you can do wrong 
is to not get it in there all the way and correctly engaged in the drive gear. It's 
easy to do this right, you just have to push down on the dist while you turn 
the rotor, when the dist lines up with the slot in the drive gear it will drop into 
place. If it hasn't dropped, it isn't in the right place yet. You may have to turn 
it around a few times to get the hang of it.

It's easy once you figure it out, really.  ;-)

You WILL have to reset the ignition timing once you're done, however.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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