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Re: [T3] One thing after another

Steven Ayres wrote:

> If you are contemplating acquiring a Typ 3 or you really want to keep one
> and drive it on a regular basis, unless you've done it already I'd urge you
> to plan on going the distance on all mechanical and electrical systems.
> Rewire the car, rebuild your brake system, steering, suspension and
> driveline, fix those leaks, save up for that transaxle rebuild, bring it all
> back to tolerances and mind the details. Take all the pain at once,
> rejuvenate, and you'll find your car really *is* dependable and will stay
> that way for a good long time.
> Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ

I totally endorse what Steven Ayres says.

The other aspect of this is that to bring our cherished
vehicle up to scratch as he suggests will for most of us
cost a lot of money, especially paying for experts to do
really thorough rebuilds and repairs on our car.  Yet,
when all this money is added up we could have instead
bought a brand new Hyundai with front and rear spoilers,
20-inch mag wheels and 50 stacker CD etc, etc..  However,
in the end we who persisted with our ancient VWs will
have a lovely honest practical car worth using and cherishing
for many more years to come until long after the Hyundai
has gone to recyclers.

Simon Glen
Toowoomba, Australia

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