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Re: [T3] Alternator Output and then some...and some more

<x-charset iso-8859-1>>If your battery sat for a long time, it can recover, but it will need to
get a long
>slow charge. Don't take it to someone for a quick charge, that will just
>damage it. You can buy a cheap charger that has a fast and a slow charge
>setting and just leave it on the slow setting overnight. If you can get a
>charger that has a meter on it then you can leave it connected for a week
>the meter shows less than 1A

 I had it charged at a battery shop, with a slow charger overnight.

>Just quitting while driving is neither a charging system, nor a cold start
>problem. How cold is it where you live?

Not too cold, I live in Columbus, OH.  Was 60 yesterday and 35 today.

>Borrow a voltmeter and check what the battery voltage measures after a
>warmup drive. Measure it at medium RPM. It should be above 14V. If it is
>below 13.5V replace the voltage regulator with a genuine Bosch.
>When you get in the car and turn the key ON, you should hear a relay click
>and then hear another click ~1 second later. Do you hear both clicks? Let
>know what you hear.

I have a volmeter and have made these checks.  I turned out to be just the
radio.  The PO had 2 amps and a 12 disk cd changer and all wired to the FI
relays.  I have removed the entire unit and will live without, until the
other issues are worked out.

It seems almost certain it is some electrical problem.  I spent about 4
hours out there today doing all the tests in the bentley and some of my own.
After yesterday and it driving so "well", I went out and it would not start.
Spark, yes, gas, yes.  Temp sensors measured good, but I grounded it just in
case.  I have all the clicks and the fuel pump is running for the one
second.  The wires on the starter are correct.  I tried everything and it
would not start.  This has been the same problem for a while now.  Then all
of the sudden, it runs.  And will start everyday.  Then I run it for good
long piece and try to start it and nothing, it just turns over.  It sounds
exactly like if you unplug temp sensor I, and it just cranks over.  When I
removed the cold start connection and the termo switch.  It ran fine.  So I
have to trace the source of the short or incorrect wiring of the system.  I
have not checked the Control Unit, I'm afraid of it ;).  But I will also dig
into this to test all the connections etc.  Thanks for the  advise.

Thanks, Jason

PS. In the future I will try to avoid displaying any frustration for fear
people may think I am going to give up and sell my car.

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