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[T3] 68 Square for Sale/Part out

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Mount Holly, NJ  08060

1968 Squareback.  Beige with Brown interior.  Don't have a lot of pics but
here is a 28.8k friendly link for those that I do:

The basics:  FI, manual tranny of course.  Seats (both front and rear) in
really good shape.  Headliner was fixed with tape by PO.  Dash is uncracked.
The only rust through on the pan is under the battery.  But the front part
of the heater channels are shot.  Along with other places.  I'd like to just
get rid of it as a whole.  But I can part it out.  But bewarned, parting out
will take a back seat to selling as a whole.  I am moving soon and don't
have any way to bring it with me.

If there is a pic or specific information you want just e-mail me.  I work a
lot and the car is at my friends house so I won't respond with the info
until the following Sat or Sun after I verify it.  Pic's might take a bit
longer as I have to procure a Digi cam to use.  I'll sell it cheap to the
first person who wants the whole roller.  I just don't have the time to put
into it that I would like to :(.


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