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Re: type3-d Digest V02 #176

> hey greg, now that u found time to play with the server, u can update the 
> scrapbook HEHEHEHEHE

	I keep the list going as the top priority.  This wasn't "fiddle
around time" but rather "fix something that was busted".

	If I weren't at work on a Sunday... if the docs could accurately
diagnose and treat my wife's abdominal pain that's gone on for five months
straight so that she could actually do something besides come home from
work and lie down all evening to recover from the pain... if you could
come over and mow my lawn, go grocery shopping for me, cook my family's
dinner, pick up my daughter after school tomorrow night and take her to
girl scouts... take over the parents association at the school... repair
my Squareback's transmission when the shift lever arrives... fix the rain
gutters on my house...

	Really, I haven't forgotten about the scrapbook.  I think about it
daily... and would like nothing more than to work on it.  I actually enjoy
working on it, and look forward to it.  It's not something I'm blowing
off; it's actually a sore spot.

	Now, back to preparing for tomorrow morning's research report at


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