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Re: [T3] One thing after another

<x-charset iso-8859-1>JasonS=> you guys know how it's just one
            => thing after another.

I'd like to encourage everyone on this list to understand that it doesn't
have to be this way. This idea and way of living with one's car is
frustrating and ultimately dangerous to the relationship, because sooner or
later everybody gets tired of it, and the urge comes to get rid of the car
in favor of something 'more dependable.'

Many of us live this way because we nickel-and-dime, either because we can't
afford the big job or maybe thinking that we can fix just this little thing
over here and the car will be fine. That approach may have worked well
enough in the '70s and '80s, but now our cars are elderly, and all but a few
bizarre exceptions need some very fundamental work to bring them back to
dependability. There's just no way to get by for cheap with a car this old.

If you are contemplating acquiring a Typ 3 or you really want to keep one
and drive it on a regular basis, unless you've done it already I'd urge you
to plan on going the distance on all mechanical and electrical systems.
Rewire the car, rebuild your brake system, steering, suspension and
driveline, fix those leaks, save up for that transaxle rebuild, bring it all
back to tolerances and mind the details. Take all the pain at once,
rejuvenate, and you'll find your car really *is* dependable and will stay
that way for a good long time.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ

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