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Re: [T3] Alternator Output

On 8 Mar 2002, at 14:18, jason.smith@sarcom.com wrote:

> How long would it take the alternator on my 72 to recharge a fairly dead
> battery?  The thing is I was messing with the radio the PO installed and
> noticed that if hooked up, it drains the battery.  I jumped my car to get it
> started, then took a quick 10 min spin to recharge the battery.  A few days
> later the battery was dead.  I jumped it again and it died going down the
> street and now will not jump at all.  I took the battery out and am getting
> it charged.  I know after I put it back in, checking the Gen. output will be
> the first step.

10 minutes really won't do much for a battery which is totally dead. You're 
much better off just buying a really cheap charger and leaving it on overnight. 
A long slow charge is much easier on your battery, much more efficient, and 
much more thorough. If the battery has been discharged for a long time, you 
may want to set your charger for a trickle charge for a week.

The easy way to test your charging system is to just measure the system 
voltage with the engine warm after a drive. If you get 14V or above at the 
battery at medium RPM (or a little more at the generator, or a little less at 
the fuse box) then your system is probably fine.

BTW, your alternator is a generator.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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