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Re: [T3] what could it be

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Grant said:
>1969 fastback with a Type1 1600c dual webers 34's. 
I am trying to find out if this is normal or not, the
car takes a while to warm up, when it isn't warmed up
it like to "buck".
Sounds normal because those carbs don't have chokes.

They should warm up pretty quickly though, depending on the outside temp.

>If I do normal city driving (going to the store and back) the car really
doesn't want to start, it takes a couple of cranks and some pushing on the
gas pedal to crank over. Any ideas? Are the carbs to big? I am beginning
to hate
car mechanics.
I've never had a pancake, dual-carb. equipped Type 3 that fired right up
when hot.  My first '67 Square, 1641cc w/Dellorto 34s, was pretty good though,
only a second or 2.  My current '67 I usually step on the gas a little when
hot and it cranks for a few seconds, maybe 5?  When it's real hot out (90+),
I slowly floor the pedal and then crank.  This technique is from a Type
3 factory bulletin  (I think Russ Wolfe has it on his site) and may not
apply to other carb. manufacturers.

My '65 Squareback cranked for a loooong time when hot but the 6v system
needed some attention.

Everett Barnes

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