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Re: [T3] white smoke

<x-flowed>My experience with oil pressure dummy lights (and I am definitely not 
experienced with t3's) is that the dummy light comes on after its too late. 
Usually these things are set to some incredibly low value like 2 psi. If the 
oil light only comes on when the engine is hot, then it might be due to the 
hot oil being much thinner which means less pressure. But it still shouldnt 
be happening. What oil are you running in the engine? Check for a spot in 
the wire where it might be grounding to something?

The grey smoke you are describing, and in the situation you are describing, 
I have seen before with older (worn) engines. Get the oil nice and hot, and 
it leaks into the cylinders. Its not much so you dont notice it at higher 
RPM's but get to a light, and then you can see it.  I have an old P.O.S. 
toyota pickup for a parts go-getter (with something like 260,000 miles) that 
does this rather nicely :)


>From: STEVEN.ANDERSON@af-group.com
>To: Type3@vwtype3.org
>Subject: [T3] white smoke
>Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 07:46:00 -0600
>72 SQ dual 34 webers
>I noticed today that after driving 20 miles home from work at 70-75mph, my
>car was smoking a little. I was at a stoplight and I noticed in my rearview
>that there was a little smoke at idle. I revved it up and there was some
>more but at higher rpm it stopped. Not a solid white cloud but some greyish
>white smoke. The light
>changed and I drove off. I looked in the mirror and turned to look and saw
>no smoke. I''ve noticed this a couple of times before. Also the oil light
>would flicker on at idle. . I guess the idle is not high enough to pump the
>oil? Does this flickering oil light have any value as an indicator of
>I thought maybe the carbs were mal adjusted? any ideas? I recently timed my
>009 to 7.5 btdc and set my carbs mixture screw 3 full turns out each.  I'm 
>sure about the adjustment.  I tried to screw the mixture in till it runs 
>then back it out 1/2 to 1 turn.  This is correct right?
>Ole Blue 1972 sb
>Bably Blue 1968 fb stock 99.9%
>p.s. Leon, how's your a/c project coming along?
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