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Re: Re: [T3] 72 square, rough idle, #1 missing?

On 8 Mar 2002, at 9:26, Drake . wrote:

> Heh, that follows right along with the fact that I dont have a 72' dist 
> either

It could either be a 72 dist with an earlier vacuum can, or a whole early dist. 
Either will work, but it would be somewhat interesting to get the VW number 
off the side of the dist if you ever have it out. Then you could tell what it 
originally came with.

> I didnt check it with a tach this last time, but the other day with the idle set
> to approx 850 it would drop to 800, or a touch below, then bounc up to 900, then
> back to 850. I am sure some of that is needle bound on the tach/dwell meter, at
> least in the upswing.

If it is only +/- 50 rpm, then this is pretty normal. There is no idle stabilization 
on this FI.

> Will do, it has been replaced recently by the previous owner (that doesnt 
> mean its good though). I likely even find out when. I got a whole folder of
> receipts when I bought the car.

If it cost $50 it was probably used. If it was new he would have paid $200-

> >2) Check the charging system regulating voltage. It should be 14.1-14.4V,
> Will do, (voltage regulator has also been replaced sometime in the past) I
> beleive that I checked it the other day at the gen and it was something just
> under 14. I will check again at the battery to verify though.

You can do it at the generator, you will just expect the voltages to be about 
1/2 V higher there. Make sure to measure it at a high enough RPM that the 
voltage has plateaued (is under regulation.) If it is under 14V there, that's 
slightly low, but not horrible.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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