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Re: Re: [T3] 72 square, rough idle, #1 missing?


> > Found a document on-line for the vacuum connections
>Yes, this is the correct one for your 72.

Thats good to know

>Okay, that's the 68-71 MT vac can. It will work fine.


>Did you buy it with this intake air distributor and dist?

I just installed a longblock, all other parts were on the car when I bought 

>You probably don't have a "72" intake air distributor on there, but

Heh, that follows right along with the fact that I dont have a 72' dist 

>Unless you've already done it, you should follow the hoses..

Thats one of the next things I will do, but I am fairly certain that all of 
the ports on the throttle body, and air cleaner are being used or plugged.

>How much does it lope?

I didnt check it with a tach this last time, but the other day with the idle 
set to approx 850 it would drop to 800, or a touch below, then bounc up to 
900, then back to 850. I am sure some of that is needle bound on the 
tach/dwell meter, at least in the upswing.

>I don't know what to make of the extra resistor. I'd like to suggest >that 
>you jumper around it, at least temporarily, to see if you can find what the 
>REAL problem was that prompted someone to put it in there. If the idle 
>drops, you'll have to raise it back up. See how it drives with the resistor 
>jumped, perhaps it will clear up if it gets >driven a bit. (I'm grasping at 
>straws here....)

Thats one of the things I was going to do next too :) Luckily who ever put 
the resistors inline did it the right way and installed blade connectors on 
it, so I can simply remove the resistor peice.

>Have you checked the fuel pressure? It should be a constant 30 psi.

No not yet, need to get a fuel pressure gauge, or find someone that has one 
I can use.

>1) Put a clean hose on your pressure sensor and suck on it.

Will do, it has been replaced recently by the previous owner (that doesnt 
mean its good though). I likely even find out when. I got a whole folder of 
receipts when I bought the car.

>2) Check the charging system regulating voltage. It should be 14.1-14.4V,

Will do, (voltage regulator has also been replaced sometime in the past) I 
beleive that I checked it the other day at the gen and it was something just 
under 14. I will check again at the battery to verify though.


Drake Lawson
San Jose, Ca

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