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Re: [T3] 72 square, rough idle, #1 missing?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Found a document on-line for the vacuum connections

And did a quickie Photoshop edit of what I have in my car
Or should I say the way it used to be, now the vac advance on the dist is
connected directly to the port on the throttle body. And the small port on
the decel valve is connected to nothing. I left the large hoses in place
until I can get some caps to cap off the two ports on the air cleaner they
are currently connected to.

>Quick follow-up: On the vacuum canister arm inside the dist, there is a 4
>digit number. What is it on the dist that you have.


>Just to clarify, all the 72 came with a vacuum advance/retard (2 hoses.) If
>yours doesn't, then it is either not a 72, or it was changed by someone in
>the past. Does your chassis number have a 2 in the 3rd digit?


>What's your engine number? It's stamped in the right half of the case just
>along the centerline, just ahead of the breather.

Not sure at the moment, have to check it later. At any rate this is a
rebuilt longblock I just purchased and installed.

> Okay, I skipped over this earlier. The big hoses on the decel valve sound
> they are connected right, but the small hose, the one that controls it, is
> in the right place. The small hose is supposed to connect to a small
> that connects directly to the interior of the intake air distributor.

I made a mistake in my earlier post, when I stated where the hoses on the
decel valve were connected. I must have been thinking about them being
connected in teh only places that would make sense and work, rather than
where they are connected on my car :).

The only interior ports on my throttle body are currently being used, so I
dont really know where the decel valve would have connected. It is not
connected now though. I know that the thing is connected incorrectly in my
car. One of the large ports goes to the air cleaner, and the other large
port goes to the air cleaner....that cant/wont do anything.

> The vac adv and retard ports connect to special drillings that go into
particular places
> near the throttle valve so that they will give the correct vac signals to
the vac
> advance and retard.

I have one port near the butterfly, and thats what the vacuum adv is now
connected to...directly

> > >Note my comment in another message about the loose injector wires. This
> > >a common problem because it appears that Bosch changed the
> > >thickness of..<cut>

They are all tight now, I removed all the pins from the connectors and
squeezed them all a little. Now they feel like they should.

After switching the vac advance so that it was connected to directly to the
throttle body, and squeezing the connectors on the FI connections. I fired
it up, then took it for a drive just to make sure everything was at least
the same or better than it was. The car still lopes at idle, though it seems
to run fine (much better than it did) while driving.

Actually at idle it sounds something like my old bug, with a old, tired, low
compression 1600 DP, a 110 cam, and a weber progressive.

I am not entirely sure what the problem is, is it runing too rich and
loading up at idle? there are those extra resistors that someone put in line
with the head temp sensor. But if those are removed then the idle will drop
to a point where it barely runs. Shes going on a 400 mile round trip this
weekend, maybe the gods will favor me and everythign will be fine when I get
back :)

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