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Re: [T3] Door seal advice

But let's say the PO took off the door (and deck) seals and you have no
idea how they should go on...how do they go on, then?

(I'm glad this thread came up - very timely :))


On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 21:00, Jim Adney wrote:
> On 6 Mar 2002, at 13:01, Tom Falcone wrote:
> > I have the 3M weatherstip adhesive and the seals
> > are on the car right now, getting used to being in that position.
> > 
> > question:  Any advice about glueing these bad boys in place?
> > question:  Will I have to let them dry completely before closing the doors?
> > question:  Seems like it will be a tight fit once they're in place, do you
> > just slam the doors shut?
> Remove all the old seal and all the old glue. Getting to understand how they 
> should fit, as you are doing, is a great idea. 
> I just spread the 3M glue over the metal surface where the 2 will meet, then 
> push the seal into place. Make sure that you push it ALL the way into that 
> groove. Let dry an hour and check gently; I suppose it really wouldn't hurt to 
> just leave the doors ajar overnight.
> Then just slam them shut. A little talc or silicone spray will make this work 
> better and help them slip into the right position.
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