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Re: Fw: [T3] Forging ahead with short block

On 6 Mar 2002, at 23:30, Justin C. Earl wrote:
> The case was supposedly uncut, so I don't know why so much was taken
> off.  Perhaps the case had been cut before?

I had the impression from your original post that this was an unused case. I 
was objecting to cutting a perfectly good unused bore oversize. If the case 
was used, then it may well have needed to be cut. If that's the situation here, 
then the only unfortunate thing is that they cut the whole .040 from the thrust 
surface so that it can't be cut again. The partial cut is a rather special 
operation that only a few places, like RIMCO can do. Most places have never 
heard of, or thought of, this. That's one of the reasons why I like, and 
recommend, RIMCO.  

> I'm not really interested in rebuilding this motor several times... I want to
> put it together right and run it for 150,000 or more miles with only
> maintenance.  That's why I am going with full flow oiling, counterweighted
> crank, etc. 

Nothing wrong with your intent, it's just that so many of us make mistakes, 
especially in the beginning. It's just nice to leave yourself an "escape plan" in 
case something goes wrong.

> Is a 26mm pump sufficient for full flow oiling on a stock motor?  The answer
> seems to be yes?

All my rebuilds have had full flow with 25mm or 26mm pumps (depends on 
which cam.) They've all gone 100,000 + miles.

> As stated in a previous message, I already own the first book (and have for the
> 3 years I've owned this Squareback) and the second book is in the mail to me per
> your recommendation.

Once you get it and have a chance to look it over, let everyone know what 
you think of it. I think you'll find it interesting and enlightning.  ;-)

We all hope that this experience turn out better than the GEX engine.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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