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Re: [T3] Rear Brake sticking

On 7 Mar 2002, at 8:01, Wuzmop@aol.com wrote:

> After my first two hundred or so miles since the cars reincarnation, my 
> drivers side rear brake is sticking. I have done no brake work other than 
> loosening the adjustment on the same rear brake. Is this most likely a wheel
> cylinder fault, broken spring or something else?

If it's sticking in the sense that it brakes, but then doesn't release all the 
way, it could be several things. I have seen the wheel cylinders get dry and 
sticky in the area between the seal and the boot. You can add some silicone 
grease here to help this; DO NOT USE ANYTHING WITH PETROLEUM 

It can also be the rubber flex hoses. These deteriorate inside and don't allow 
fluid to freely return to the MC after braking. You can test for these by 
opening the bleed valve and seeing if fluid drips freely from the bleed valve. If 
it doesn't, take the bleed valve out and make sure that IT isn't blocked. If fluid 
still doesn't come out with the bleed valve removed, then it is pretty likely 
that the flex hose is bad.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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