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RE: Re[T3]forging ahead with short block

On 6 Mar 2002, at 9:19, Erkson, Toby wrote:

> If you drive your car hard then the sump is REQUIRED!  It allows plenty of
> oil and submerges the pick-up tube deep in oil so you won't suck air when
> hitting the corners hard. 

While Toby makes a good point, IMO, very few people will ever explore the 
regions where the sump becomes important. 

We need to understand what it really means when our oil light comes on in 
corners. It does NOT mean that the bearings are now running dry; it only 
means that fresh oil is not being delivered to them at this moment. They will 
be just fine for 10-15 seconds, which will seem like a lifetime to most of us.

> The full-flow should be a required, must-have item for any engine in my
> opinion.

Here we agree. The benefits of full flow filtering are well documented for ALL 
of us. I'd have to say that it is MORE important for an engine that is 
expected to just drive calmly to work every day and then to the grocery. For 
a race engine which gets torn down frequently and rebuilt, it is only useful 
because it is likely to keep the chunky stuff from spreading all thru the oil 
system in case of a catastrophic engine failure.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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