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Re: [T3] 72 square, rough idle, #1 missing?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> Do you have the Bentley manual? This is the only manual that I know of
> covers the timing of the unique 72 correctly. The original vacuum hoses
> complicated. There should be 2 hoses to the dist. The green one is the
> retard, is slightly larger, and is connected to the side of the vacuum can
> faces the distributor.

Yes I have the Bently manual. My dist only has one hose on the diaphragm.
Only one spot for a hose.
> Is this what you have? I think the retard hose should go directly to the
> air dist., no Tees or valves. There may be a diagram in the Bentley
> somewhere, or check the owner's manual if you have it. The advance hose
> should go to that valve on the left side of the engine, although that
valve can
> be bypassed to simplify things.

No diagram in the Bently unfortunately that I have found. what I have is the
following. There is a small (approx 1/4") port on the aid distribution box
just in front of the throttle butterfly centerline. A line is connected to
that which heads toward the dist. Near the dist there is a "tee" one port of
the "tee" connects to the line from the air distribution box. One line
connects to the dist and the last goes to the deceleration mixture control
valve. According to the bently manual and its decription of the valve on
"fuel system" page 26 this valve was installed on california cars only.
Having just read the manual on this valve I need to test it as well, but
apparently its function is only during decel. I am guessing here, but it
looks like it might be to supply a little extra air to the air intake only
when the throttle closes from a high RPM, and at the same time retard the

> 1 & 4 fire together when the distributor is in one position, then 2 & 3
> together in the other half of the dist rotation. Others here have reported
> there is an intermediate position where NO injectors fire.

Yeah that was my bad, I have injector plugs #3 and #4 crossed. I dont think
its possible for no injectors to fire, at least in my car. The injector
point connection to teh dist does not even have to be connected for the
injectors to fire when opening the throttle, they just fire according to the
way the flip-flop was last set. That of course may be different in differnt

> > I then checked continuity of the injector breaker points in the dist.
> > to one side checked good, then had my wife bump the engine around until
> > got continuity on the other connector.
> Did the resistance come down to near zero (less than 5 Ohms?)

Definitely down to .3 if I remember correctly

> The spark and compression tests are the right next steps. You have normal
> gap (.027-.028") on the SPs?

I am glad you mentioned this....the bently manual states .024 as does a
haynes manual. The owners manual states .028 why the difference?

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