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Re: [T3] 72 square, rough idle

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Just got done with some more troubleshooting on the situation and fixing
some issues, so I am essentially starting from scratch with this post.

Valves all adjusted to .006 (most of them were VERY tight)
Compression tested, all cylinders 110 to 120 psi
All spark plugs gapped to .024
Dwell set to 46 deg.
Found out #3 and #4 injector connections were reversed, corrected.
Throttle switch adjusted
Dist does not have any noticable side play
Removed and cleaned FI contacts in dist (man they were nasty, but did work)
Idle set to approx 850
Somewhere previously someone has installed a set of resistors inline with
the head temp sensor, to enrich the mixture Im guessing.

When I came across the tight valves #1 and #4 exhaust were espeically tight,
I thought I had found the problem behind the rough idle. But alas that is
not the case. The idle still drops about 50 rpm seemingly randomly, but
often. This happens while driving at slow speeds as well. Pulling #2 or #3
plug wires off while the engine is running results in something like a
150-200rpm drop. Pulling off #1 and #4 results in a 50 rpm drop or so. To me
this still points toward something to do with the FI. Do the injector points
have a "dwell"? the rubbing blocks on mine were pretty worn.

I am thinking that I may do the test in Kjell's guide to D-Jet
(http://mail.symuli.com/vw/Djet.html) to ensure that all injectors are
dispensing the same amount of fuel next. And I still need to check the fuel
pressure, guess I am going to have to go buy a fuel pressure gauge.

Also found out the throttle shaft in the air distribution box is leaky (shot
some chemtool on the shaft) I guess this is the reason that I feel no vacuum
on the port that goes to the vacuum retard on the dist.?

Drake (getting close to putting the FI system in a box and installing carbs,
but having a blast diagnosing the problem) Lawson
San Jose, Ca

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