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Re: [T3] please (trouble)shoot me!

On 6 Mar 2002, at 10:33, Iamkeen@aol.com wrote:

> Sorry to have left out the important stuff.  '72 squareback, MT, converted to 
> dual Webers, 009, dual exhaust, aftermarket electric fuel pump by PO.  

> Here's an odd addition:  After staring at the thing and cleaning stuff 
> (didn't know what to work on next, so figured I'd do a little tidy-ing, 
> right?) for a couple hours yesterday afternoon, I fired it up.  Started and 
> ran magnificently for about 5 minutes, idle around 850, very even exhaust 
> note on both sides, with a barely noticeable lope on the righthand side (#1 
> cyl has low compression & ugly plug), no backfiring or other untoward noises. 
>  Took a 2-3 mile cruise around the neighborhood, everything's great, driving 
> calmly thru all gears, but I'm just waiting for trouble to start.  About 
> halfway through the trip, condition returned - very lumpy idle, down around 
> 400, sounds like a chevy big-block with a full-race cam.  Huge dead spot 
> between idle & takeoff.  Smooth (but SLOW) acceleration, but very huffy-puffy 
> at steady speed.

Just a long shot: Try a new set of plugs.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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