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RE: [T3] Emissions failure

On 6 Mar 2002, at 13:15, Everett Barnes wrote:

> Russ suggested the rotor should not be over 5000 ohms resistance, my old
> one was approx. 5500. New rotor was 5000.

Both of these are probably fine.

> Dwell now set to 48 degrees.  Timing upped a little to 9 BTDC per a listees
> suggestion.  Idle increased to approx. 1000 per suggestions.

>  For whatever reason, #1 and #2 do not have as great a drop in rpms as before
> but there is a drop, as measured on my Sears(tm) 0-2000 rpm tachometer/dwell
> meter. 

I think this is normal. Once you get it running on 4 cylinders, dropping one is 
a 25% loss, while dropping one cylinder out of 3 is a 33% loss.

> Dropped by the emissions place last Saturday and it passed 3 out of 4 tests
> easily.  Still failed CO at idle but only by a small amount.

Idle mixture a bit rich?

> The carbs. are very clean but I plan to rebuild them anyway just for good
> measure.  I will also set the valves to .004", although I don't know if
> this will affect emissions.  I am also waiting for my thermostat to arrive
> because surprise, surprise, they don't stock thermostats at my FLAPS.

If you don't have a thermostat, I THINK it may affect emissions, too. I don't 
expect a cold engine to work as well as one which is warmed up nicely.

> One thing I did find out is that you have to smog a '67 every year in Phoenix.
> You can also get a waiver one time but you just have to get it smogged the
> next year and you can never get a waiver again, EVER.

Scary prospect!

> I still find it annoying that I have to smog this car but I don't mind the
> trouble to make it burn cleaner.

I, for one, appreciate the trouble and effort you are going to. Thanks! ;-)

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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