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[T3] 72 square, rough idle, #1 missing?

<x-flowed>This is a re-do of my first post to the T3 list, looks like my original 
message didnt get through from my home account for some reason.

I have a (just purchased for my wife) '72 squareback (FI, M/T) that I have 
just finished installing a rebuilt longblock. Also installled points, 
condenser, cap, rotor, plugs, plug wires, clutch.

The car runs rough, especially at idle. When accelerating, its seems to 
smooth out. The motor does not decel quickly either, though since this is my 
first T3, much less one with FI I dont know if this is the norm or not.

What I have done thus far, please excuse me if this seems disjointed. I have 
tested, and adjusted many things this last week.

First issue: I have set the timing, however in the manual it states to pull 
the vacuum retard hose off the dist etc. When I pull the hose off there is 
no change in idle, nor can I feel any vacuum in the hose. The hose is 
connected via a "tee" to the air distribution manifold at a 1/4" port on the 
left side. I can not feel any vacuum there either. I squirted some Chemtool 
in the port, and saw that it did get into the throttle body. The other side 
of the "tee" goes to a valve? (I dont have my manual in front of me so I am 
not sure of the appropriate name) next to the air pressure sensor on the 
left side of the engine compartment. This device has to larger ports on it 
as well, one connects to the air cleaner. I am not sure at the moment where 
the other goes.

Second Issue: I have pulled the plug wires one by one with the engine 
running. #1 no discernable change, #2 and #3 seem to be firing correctly, #4 
there is a small change. I then proceeded to the fuel injector plugs, same 
results as with the plug wires. This lead me to beleive that I had a plugged 
#1 injector, or something with the injector circuit for #1 and #4. I then 
pulled injectors #1 and #2, and with the key on (after adjusting the 
throttle switch) opened the throttle. I visually observed #1 squirting fuel, 
so its not plugged.

As a side note here, I repeatedly opened the throttle while having only one 
injector plugged in at a time, and for some reason only #1 and #3 fire. 
Injectors #2 and #4 will fire if I plug the wires for #1 and #3 into them. 
Since this is the accelerator pump function, I would have thought that all 4 
injectors should fire during this operation. Is this the case?

I then checked continuity of the injector breaker points in the dist. Middle 
to one side checked good, then had my wife bump the engine around until I 
got continuity on the other connector.

I then re-assembled everything and started up the engine again to realign my 
brain with the problem :) Again pulling #1 off the dist cause no real 
difference in the way the engine runs. #4 is questionable, but idle does 
pickup when the wire is plugged back in. I also swapped the plug wires for 
#1 and #2 to verify the wire, its good. This evening I will be checking all 
of the valves, performing a compressions test, and ensuring that there is 
spark through the plug on #1.

Hopefully someone will be able to provide me with a sanity check as to what 
I have dome so far. Any advice will be appreiciated as well.


San Jose, Ca

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