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RE: [T3] Emissions failure

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I thought that cars over 25 years old were exempt?  Isn't that the rule in

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Subject: [T3] Emissions failure

On 28 Feb 2002, at 22:16, Everett Barnes wrote:

> > On 28 Feb 2002, at 18:37, Everett Barnes wrote:
> > > I took my '67 to be smogged yesterday and it failed.  Crap.  1967 is 
>first year that has to be smogged too.  I need some advice on what I can do
>to reduce the emissions so I may pass.
> > >
> > > Specs (settings double-checked tonight):
> >
> >Jim Adney said:
> >You didn't mention the valves.
> >
>Valves set to a tight .006" all around approx. 1,000 miles ago, I'll be
>setting them to .004" next time except for the #3 exhaust valve, maybe
>before I smog it again?

Looking at the readings you posted, as well as the statement that #3 seems 
to not be firing reminded me of a 68 triumph spitfire I had long ago. Had to

take it in for smog, was blowing a ton of Hydrocarbons at idle. Fortunately 
it was exempt due to factory dual carbs. Later on I did a compression test, 
ended up finding out that #4 exhaust seat was cracked in half.

A compression test would seem to be in order as Jim suggested

Im betting that your #3 is just not buring the gas correctly/completely/at 

Drake Lawson
San Jose, Ca

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